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The benefit of a broad torque curve

There is no doubt, in MY mind anyway, that a broad torque curve is superior to a higher peak horsepower number for a street performance and some street/strip type engines. Please look at the dyno sheet below: Here is the benefit of mild cam timing and a set of Sandoval Performance ported Edelbrock aluminum cylinder heads. Check out the spread between torque and hp peaks! That's 2,000 rpm---- and power was still rising as the run was terminated. We had made more than enough power for the customer who really didn't need to rev the engine high anyway. That is a killer combo for a 3.08 -3.23 gears and a mild torque convertor. Not bad for a mild flat tappet Comp Cam, 750 Q-jet carb, ported Performer RPM, and Ram Air exhaust MANIFOLDS. I believe you would be hard pressed to get those numbers with ported cast iron heads without A LOT of work ( $$$$ ). As good as these heads are in "cleaned up" form, a typical 460-ish stroker WILL start to choke at approximately 5,300 rpm. Going with a significantly longer duration camshaft will delay the rpm at which choke occurs at the expense of low rpm driveability. For street/strip engine, there is just no reason to go with a "cleaned up" set of aftermarket heads. Let's not even discuss only running 10:1 for pump gas.

How many street/strip engines have you seen (or heard of) that cannot achieve those numbers with a larger roller cam. Not trying to alienate anyone, just pointing out that it takes a complete combination to make good power, be street worthy, and not break the bank. If you are in need of a set of heads, custom ground camshaft, or performance accessories for your classic Pontiac or even your late model Poncho, give us a call @ (765)432-3554 or send us an E-mail @ I am sure we can help.

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