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It's NOT all in the combination!

Call it an epiphany! I may have been one of the guys who said it the most," It's all in the combination, you can't just add a cam and think it's going to run." Well there is a some truth to that but there is simply more to it than that. It not only takes a combination of the correct parts for the application, but it is also WHO BUILDS this combination! There, I said it! I have spent some time on the automotive forums over the past few years and it never ceases to amaze me how many people bash performance parts, the same ones I use for my... combinations. Let's consider cams. Many pontiac enthusiasts on the internet will bash a certain camshaft manufacturer claiming their product won't make power. I make no secret of the fact we make 560hp with our ported Edelbrock heads and a Comp Cams 274 X/E flat tappet hydraulic. Are there more powerful cams? Sure. Especially if you go to a roller cam! When it comes to duration and making streetable power, I recall the 1st Engine Masters challenge put on by Popular Hotrodding where Joe Sherman's 360ci small block put out something along the lines of 612hp, if I recall, with a 230 deg. @.050" hydraulic roller! Now that's a pretty mild camshaft! Kinda blows the whole " you NEED a bigger cam if you have better flowing heads" argument some internet enthusiasts have. While we're on the subject; IF, you find yourself with a combination where your big port heads stop making power too early in the rpm range, STOP and find the mechanical problem you have! If you don't take the time to find out WHY your new engine doesn't pull past 5,000 rpm without breaking up, you will never learn anything. It is possible you may fall into the trap of thinking Pontiacs don't rev so you need a lot of cam just to achieve some rpm. The 560hp combination I mentioned earlier that used a Comp 274 X/E, the power curve was STILL CLIMBING @ 6,000 rpm when we ran into valve float--- and that was with a dual plane intake, 750 Q-jet, and Ram Air manifolds! Just think if we used a single plane intake and some headers! The point being; anyone can swap parts. DON'T.... just swap your way into a mediocre combination. THINK FOR YOURSELF, DON'T BE IN A HURRY AND PAY ATTENTION TO DETAIL Oh yeah, and have a good combination!

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