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Block and cylinder head preparation

From BUDGET to PRO STREET, each block starts out the same way...

Each block is:

  • cleaned

  • visually inspected

  • magnafluxed

  • deburred

  • bored

  • honed with a torque plate

  • align honed 

  • zero decked


Blocks include:

  • brass freeze plugs

  • new cam bearings

  • cam thrust plate

  • Melling oil pump with 3/4" pickup

  • New oil filter mount casting

  • baffled oil pan

  • Stainless steel dipstick tube

  • New dipstick

  • performance bearings 



 ALL engines and shortblocks utilize internally balanced rotating assemblies

Rotating assembly Features and prep

Budget Series 400's utilize:

  • magnafluxed factory 400 crankshaft that has been checked for sizing and ground and/or polished as necessary

  • forged 5140 steel I-beam connecting rods

  • premium DSS, Icon, or equivalent forged pistons 


Budget Series strokers include:

  • Cast Eagle 4.25" stroke crankshaft

  • forged 5140 I-beam connecting rods

  • DSS, Icon, or equivalent forged pistons


Our premium builds come with:

  • forged Eagle or Ohio Crankshaft 4340 forged steel crankshafts in 4.21", 4.25", and 4.5" strokes

  • 4340 forged H-beam connecting rods with ARP 8740 rod bolts

  • premium DSS, Icon, or equivalent forged pistons  


ALL builds utilize internally balanced rotating assemblies




Budget Cast Iron Cylinder Head Prep

Our cast iron heads are:

  • thermally cleaned and blasted visually inspected

  • magnafluxed

  • heavy casting flash removed

  • intake and deck surfaces inspected for erosion and/or flatness and corrected if necessary

  • valve guides inspected and bronze wall guides installed if necessary

  • performance valve job performed

  • rocker studs converted to heavy duty 7/16" ARP studs

  • heater hose fitting inspected and replaced if necessary 

  • machined for viton valve stem oil seals


Components include:

  • NEW stainless steel valves

  • Comp Cams valve spring retainers and locks

  • new valve springs

  • viton seals on intake AND exhaust



Modified Edelbrock Aluminum Cylinder Head Prep

Edelbrock aluminum heads are available in "out-of-the-box" condition or hand ported and assembled at SPI:

  • hand ported for mild custom applications

  • competition valve job performed


Features include:​

  • CNC combustion chambers on D-port heads

  • hardened spring seats

  • lightweight Comp Cams valve spring retainers

  • heavy duty valve springs

  • Ferrea stainless steel valves


We also offer Kauffman D-port and High Port cylinder heads for our higher output engines.



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